With the reemergence of the turntables and vinyl records from the past, it is sometimes regrettable that these old sound recordings can’t get a modern update. Well, Swiss designer and entrepreneur, Yves Béhar is putting the finishing touches on the Love Intelligent Turntable ($TBA) that does create those upgrades.

The Love Turntable is controlled through a smartphone app. It still uses a stylus to pick the sound up from the vinyl but then the app takes over and gives the user options like track selection, replay, skip, speed selection, volume control, and displays the album artwork. The case of the device is finished in a glossy black which helps compliment the vinyl records it plays.

The Love isn’t a traditional turntable; rather the disk fits in a record base and then sits on top of it with the device – not the record – turning counterclockwise. The Love is fully connectable via Bluetooth & Wi-Fi so your music can be channeled through any sound network you want to peruse.