Three big names in the yacht game are responsible for this concept: Lynx Yachts, Omega Architects and Van Oossanen Naval Architects.

That’s why it’s called LOV 38 — get it? Acronymed initials are typically superfluous, but not in this case. Contributions by all three are what make this concept yacht a punch above the rest.

You get a fast displacement hull, courtesy of Van Oossanen. This gives the LOV 38 ample speed while allowing it to maintain stability. The thing is just 37 meters long, and that’s the handiwork of Lynx Yachts since it specializes it 30- to 40-meter crafts. Omega Architects brought flair, flourishing the entire thing with full-height windows, two exterior dining areas, and even a full beam master.

The exterior design has been described as “masculine.” That’s probably because of its near vertical bow and forward inclined wheelhouse. There are full-height windows that wrap around the sky lounge and saloon. Nothing better than natural light spilling in a space like this, of course.

There are a number of customizations available, with three design layouts for either eight, 10 or 12 guests. Those are split into four, five, or six cabins. Included are alfresco relaxation options and an aft lower deck activity center. You get a spacious beach club area on top of everything.

Underneath are 2,000 MTU diesel engines, which translates to a top speed of 21.7 knots. Efficiency increases at lower cruising speeds, though, so it’s better if you keep things at a pretty chill pace. All in all, it’s an incredible-looking yacht. The only downside is that it’s just a concept.

Photos courtesy of Lynx Yachts