There are times when we take certain items for granted. Take for example the drinking glasses that we use on a daily basis. It might seem insignificant for such a mundane object to deserve more attention than it should. However, those who understand which one is appropriate for a certain beverage will appreciate some of the finer options out there. Yves Saint Laurent seems to think so as well as it collaborates with premium glassware label Baccarat for a special piece. The Louxor is perhaps one of the most striking cups out there.

This elegant piece is apparently a remake of the Louxor in 2010 by Thomas Bastide. Evidently, its design left an impression as to why the French fine crystal manufacturer is bringing it back. This time, instead of its original look, Yves Saint Laurent is giving it a darker makeover. The result is a brilliant mix of colors as the upper section flaunts a shade of black, while the lower retains the standard transparency.

The Louxor definitely has an ominous vibe about it as keeps the contents a secret except from those who are holding it. The play on textures is also noteworthy as your hands move from the smooth surface down to the textured bottom. The three tiers of diamond shapes are not only for aesthetics, these likewise enhance grip. Each one measures 3.7 inches wide and 2.3 inches high. Those who prefer the original can order it from Baccarat. Meanwhile, the special edition is on offer from Yves Saint Laurent exclusively.

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Images courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent