The Lounge Y began as a needful addition to a three-family compound in a gated community on the north of the island Florianópolis, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. A communal space was needed for social meetings and family get-togethers so Anderson Almeida of Nommo Arquitetos was assigned the task of designing this public structure.

The social area runs along the long front of the building and can be opened to the outside. Using more rustic materials like reinforced concrete, wood lining and frames, and slatted finishes, the area suggests the simplicity of shared food and conversation. The kitchen area features both a grill and a custom built pizza oven. The roof of the Lounge Y is a waterproof slab and styrofoam with the inner lining made of reclaimed demolition wood held in place with steel beams.

Built to use the sloping terrain to best advantage, the Lounge Y has ground-level entrance but juts out over the lower field for better viewing. In all, a simple place to enjoy the best things in life.