Louis Vuitton is a high-end label that supplies the elite with luxury goods such as bags, suitcases, jewelry, watches, and other stylish items. However, the company gradually grew its catalog to include consumer electronics, albeit at a premium price point. A segment it now caters to is audio and the Nanogram is the latest model designed for on-the-go listening experiences.

Apart from true wireless stereo earbuds, another Bluetooth-ready platform people can’t live without these days is a portable speaker. The market is now brimming with options packing all sorts of features such as RGB lighting, stereo pairing, water resistance, and more. LV, on the other hand, is targeting discerning fashionistas.

For the price of one Nanogram, you can practically purchase audiophile-grade gear. Nevertheless, the French luxury brand understands that despite the prohibitive cost, units will still fly off the shelf. Its previous outing — the Horizon — was also compact enough to bring along during your travels, but some found it a tad bulky for their tastes.

It appears the designers carefully considered consumer feedback during the development phase of the Nanogram. This fresh entry measures approximately 13.5 cm x 7.5 cm and weighs around 520 grams. Like all products that bear the iconic emblem, the craftsmanship is exceptional and uses only the finest materials.

Although the details regarding the drivers and electronics were not specified, reviews pointed out a balanced soundstage and an acoustic fidelity that won’t necessarily win awards. An aluminum shell with debossed Monogram flowers and a signed perforated grille house the Nanogram’s components along with cowhide leather, steel hardware, and rubber elements. It’s available in Damoflage, Copper, and Silver motifs.

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Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton