Italian sports apparel company Lotto is poised to launch a new collection of sneakers they have reimaged from their signature silhouettes from the 1970’s and 1980’s when Lotto first began. The Leggenda collection bridges a gap between retro appeal and the clean lines of a modern shoe made of modern materials.

The set features the Autograph tennis sneaker with craquelé-effect leather uppers and embossed accents as well as the Tokyo running shoe with its option of suede or nylon uppers. The ultra-light Osaka model has EVA soles and notched treads. It also runs the gambit of upper materials from suede, leather, and textured fabrics. The collection also includes one completely new model, the Rhazhe, which is a suede and mélange fabric blend. All the Leggenda shoes have Lotto’s pre-washed soles that give them a softer, already broken-in feel.

If you’re looking for a versatile shoe, any model from this run will do the trick – Lotto sneakers have always been known for stylishly blending in with any outfit.

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