Spending a night out in the wilderness requires the shelter to keep you safe from the elements and wild creatures roaming around. The Lone Peak Camper gives you security and a comfortable space to stretch out your legs and arms for a good night’s rest. 

This lockable and waterproof camper offers the living space of a rooftop pop-up tent. The tent itself is durably made from polyester canvas with a 5000mm rated PU coating. Meanwhile, the framework is a combination of aluminum extrusions, aluminum composite panels, and stainless steel hardware. The overall camper weighs 142.88 kg. and has a load bar capacity of 36.29kg with the roof open. 

The Lone Peak Camper is custom-made to fit your truck bed. As such it comes with bed gaskets and a fit kit to mount to your vehicle. It also comes with locking side access doors for security, tinted windows for privacy, and open-air tent windows for ventilation. Then there’s a standard 4″ thick and 80″ long mattress made of aluminum honeycomb that can withstand a weight of 272.16kg. and can comfortably sleep a 6″2 height. 

This rooftop tent gives you enough room to stand even with the bed deployed thanks to its 32″ pass-through space. If you need even more space, then you can push the bed out of the way using dual gas struts this way you can utilize your full truck bed safe from the elements. 

Moreover, the Lone Peak Camper comes with a Rear Rain Guard that further increases the interior volume of the tent to give you more space for your legs and elbow. You can even unzip it in inclement weather because it sheds water. Best of all, it sets up fast in just 60 seconds.   

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Images courtesy of Lone Peak Camper