Any time is a good time to enjoy a cold beer (well, at least in our book). And now you can sip on your favorite brewski in public places, while making it look like you’re having coffee, thanks to the Lolo Lid Stealth Cozy ($11.50). No more judgmental looks and less chances of getting arrested again for being drunk in public, yay!

Designed to fit any 20 ounce coffee cup, Lolo looks like any other plastic lid, and works with both regular and tall boy cans. It’s reusable, has a silicone seal that comes off easily for cleaning, plus snaps and a gasket that provide a water tight seal, holding your drink firmly in place (suspended inside the cup). This creates an air blanket that maintains your beer cold, longer than a foam koozie does. As a bonus, the Lolo lid has a small airflow hole, providing an experience similar to drinking from a glass rather than a can, meaning you’ll get large, smooth sips each time. As a reviewer said: “Just remember not to chug too much. Most people don’t drink coffee like that.” [via]

Lolo Lid Stealth Cozy 2

Lolo Lid Stealth Cozy 3