LOKI Basecamp’s growth in the RV scene is a boon for outdoor enthusiasts who demand only the best. Whether it’s craftsmanship or performance, their lineup excels in both and more. For 2023, we learned that the company aptly rebranded itself into LOKI Expedition. To remind us of their consistent drive for innovation, check out the new Icarus 6!

As it stands right now, the books are now open for orders with deliveries pegged for August 2023. The platform of choice for this rugged motorhome is a 2022 Ford F-250 Lariat. Also, depending on the trim, this tough pickup truck outputs 385 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque.

According to LOKI Expedition, the unit its Icarus 6 uses is a crew-cab version which welcomes a slew of upgrades to accommodate the six-foot camper. Storage spaces are essential if you want to haul more gear and supplies. Thus, the utility bed now features a collection of lockers for various items.

R16+ insulation and its Webasto heating system mean owners can head out on escapades in any season. Furthermore, the Icarus 6 comes with a 270-degree awning ideal for al-fresco activities and socializing. For longer off-grid stays, there is a 300 amp-hour lithium battery unit and Red Arc management system.

To tackle rough terrain, this bad boy is outfitted with heavy-duty sway bars, an air lift kit, and a Fox suspension. As you step inside the Icarus 6, the interior layout adapts to whatever you need. There is a sink, dining area, and slide-out bed. Even the floor is heated to enhance comfort when it gets a bit chilly outside. Once again, LOKI Expedition gives its clients a versatile camper fit for any adventure.

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Images courtesy of LOKI Expedition