It’s no secret that some of the most badass campers you can get out there come from LOKI Expedition. In fact, we always keep a close watch to be on top of things whenever they unveil something new. It finally pays off as this early in 2023, the company teases what its Discovery Series offers outdoor enthusiasts.

So far, we’ve showcased several under the group’s Falcon 8, Falcon X, and Icarus Series. What all of these shares in common is the use of a pickup truck chassis. Depending on the make and model, the manufacturer can outfit these machines with various habitat sizes.

The Discovery Series, on the other hand, starts off with a medium-duty truck framework. This equates to an even larger volume to work with. According to LOKI Expedition, clients can choose the full turnkey package, which includes everything to start them off right away. Another would be the camper-only add-on for those with pre-owned vehicles.

For all-season comfort, the structure is fabricated out of composite panels with “high density structural grade PIR insulation with thick FRP (gel-coat) inside and out, and reinforced with AZDEL sub-laminates.” The total length could be around 16 to 20 feet. The floor plan optimizes the available space to offer top-notch amenities and more.

LOKI Expedition says it can equip the Discovery Series with a 2,000 Ah lithium power bank, a 1,520W solar panel array, and a 10,000W inverter/charger system. The motorhome can easily sleep up to six and is replete with everything you need for longer off-grid stays. It seems like the ideal platform for anyone’s dream RV.

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Images courtesy of LOKI Expedition