Do you find retro designs on modern gadgets appealing? If so, most might have stumbled on a brand called Lofree — a manufacturer based in Shenzen, China. Its lineup boasts some of the most striking mechanical keyboards, mice, and accessories. The cool nostalgic aesthetics of its catalog appears to have inspired the creation of this PBT Workstation concept.

From what we can gather, it is a stylish laptop at the core but receives an old-school makeover. Hence, instead of your typical sleek metallic housing, this notebook channels the blocky form factors of the past. The device also forgoes the usual satin or polished finish for a matte texture, which gives it an understated motif.

Nevertheless, renders show the machine from various angles and it is noticeably slim despite the ongoing theme. The PBT Workstation is the work of Wonjae Kim that borrows the design philosophy associated with Lofree. These were defined as retro looks, mechanical switches, matte PBT components, and minimalism.

After all of the above were applied, what follows are contemporary elements such as a removable battery pack, an advanced webcam, an optional charging dock, and an auxiliary display beside the keyboard. Further adding to its classic appeal is the choice of colors.

The PBT Workstation is adorned in various shades of gray with a few parts in vibrant orange. Although it cosmetically resembles something from several generations ago, it’s evident by the ports, display panel, and other components that this is a fairly recent release.

Thin bezels, secondary dynamic touchscreen, USB-C ports, and other elements you won’t find on a laptop released decades ago, should tell you the PBT Workstation is only vintage in design. Now that we’ve seen this, it’s too bad that Lofree currently has no plans enter the laptop market anytime soon.

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Images courtesy of Wonjae Kim/Behance