We are now in a time wherein almost everything that used to be done on a computer can now run on our smartphones. Productivity functions and so much more are now on our handset. Yet there are just some occasions that make us want to slip back a little and handle things with old school flair. Yes, we are talking about the resurgence of nostalgic products that reawaken fond memories of the past. One such item we believe that you might find interesting is the Lofree Digit Calculator.

Take a trip down memory lane as this stylish calculator offers a chance to relive computing at its most basic. What you get is a vintage-looking gadget that reminds us of vintage times. This was a period where a machine is built to do a specific objective only. We live in an era that glorifies multi-tasking and multi-functional systems. So it’s a welcome break to do work on something simple, but tactile and classy.

The Lofree Digit Calculator flaunts large rounded buttons. Each one sits on Gateron mechanical switches that provide excellent key travel. Moreover, it also delivers a satisfying click each time you punch those numbers. To accompany its retro aesthetic, the device is powered by a single AAA battery that should provide enough juice for over 500 hours of usage. It comes in three colors with a chunky body that pairs perfectly with the buttons.

Get a slice of vintage pie here for $44

Photos courtesy of Lofree