Qwerkywriter Keyboard 4

Anyone who’s ever tried a typewriter seems to agree: these machines provide the best typing experience, hands down. Blending that old-school solid quality & warm feel of yesteryear’s writing tools with today’s technology, the Qwerkywriter Keyboard ($350) is a charming device that stands out in a crowded mass of boring keyboards. We’ve been using this apparatus for a little over a week now, and the conclusions are (mostly) positive.

First thing to notice is the sturdiness of this keyboard, it’s got a good weight to it (almost 3 lbs) and boasts a tough aluminum construction, which gave us the feeling that it can easily handle drops and other abuse. The vintage-inspired keycaps have a nice feel to them, with a concave and slightly textured surface, making them pleasant to type on. A cool feature are the interchangeable caps, handy for those looking to modify the arrangement (tip: for a more efficient & ergonomic typing, try the Colemak or Dvorak layouts – you’ll thank us later!).

The keyboard can be paired via Bluetooth with any compatible device, it has a specially designed stand that accommodates up to 5/8″ thick tablets (would be nice if they could be tilted back to a wider angle), and features a return bar that can be programmed to function as any key you like. A USB rechargeable Lithium Ion battery offers a hefty 3 month of usage per charge.

Bottom line, we love the this handsome mechanical machine and the sweet clicking sound it makes. Sure, its vintage looks, somehow limited portability, and high price tag might not appeal to everyone, but the Querkywriter is certainly unique, or better said – yet to find competition.

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