Made of durable cast iron, the Lodge Sportsman’s Grill is a stellar piece of cookware, and that’s reflected by the remarkable 4.7-star rating it gets from 2,000 customers on Amazon.

Designed for your patio, picnics, tailgating or car camping, the rugged, 32-pound charcoal hibachi-style grill has a broad cooking surface (17 x 9-inches) to fit several whole fish or enough burgers for a small party. Two adjustable heights temper cooking speed, while a removable draft door regulates the heat, making it simple to keep foods warm and heat coffee in addition to grilling.

Coals are accessible behind a second flip-down door, a built-in shelf keeps your utensils ready, and an attached handle makes for convenient carrying. The grill comes pre-seasoned. Watch this bad boy in action in the video below and try not to drool over that perfect two-pound ribeye!

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