If we ask you to do a rough sketch of a modern luxury ship, it’s very likely the outline will look sleek and sharp. Credit goes to the automotive industry as the world’s top supercars and hypercars become muses for naval designers. On the other hand, Lynx Yachts goes for a different silhouette with the Avontuur.

This beefy behemoth of a vessel is classified under the Dutch shipyard’s Crossover 27 series. Most people who have seen it liken the Avontuur to an SUV. The description seems appropriate given its profile, but it is never lacking when it comes to top-class features and functionalities.

You’re looking at a 90-foot superyacht whose owner craves fun in every journey out to sea. In fact, its christened namesake in Dutch means adventure when you translate it into English. As with any watercraft of its caliber, almost everything is open for customization.

As long as it does not affect the performance and compromise the safety of those on board, it’s fair game. Hence, the bespoke configuration of the Avontuur allows it to carry more water toys and tenders. For comparison, Lynx Yachts’ standard setup includes an owner’s cabin, a VIP cabin, two twin-sharing cabins, and crew quarters.

At the request of their client, the layout now shows three guest cabins with reworked crew quarters. The main deck’s 754 square feet of space can now hold a 16-foot RIB and an Air Nautique G23. Event the sundeck now hosts two Jet-Skis, two Waverunners, and a crane to deploy these onto the waters below. The Avontuur boasts a cruising speed of 12.5 knots and maxes out at 14 knots.

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Avontuur Top Avontuur Lounge Avontuur interior Avontuur Rear

Images courtesy of Lynx Yachts