Are you ready to make the switch from a gas-guzzler to a more sustainable ride? If your limited budget makes it impossible to secure a brand-new model, why not go for conversions instead? A quick search online can show you shops that can do it professionally. LM Creations, on the other hand, offers a BMW conversion kit for those interested.

Most of the electric vehicles and motorcycles available sport contemporary designs. Thus, some of us who prefer the classics don’t really have much of a choice. Luckily, this is where electric conversion kits come into play. The one from LM Creations, on the other hand, is specifically for two-wheelers from BMW Motorrad.

The donor moto for their sample is an R 80, but the company notes that other R-series models are compatible. Specifically, bikes from 1969 to 1995 should support the electric conversion kit without any issues. This means owners get to keep the vintage aesthetic of their favorite steeds but make every trip emission-free.

LM Creations engineers the electric conversion kit to be a breeze to install. It does not require you to completely take out the powertrain assembly. Instead, all that needs to go is the crankshaft, while the rest of the components remain intact. This means, your BMW still retains its characteristic mechanical quirks minus the environmental impact.

The 72V power unit comes with a cast aluminum housing in black or silver. Power comes from a 4.3 kWh battery unit that clocks in at 52.91 lbs. A full charge is enough for up to 49 miles, but LM Creations intends to offer larger capacity options in the future. We just hope they release more electric conversion kits for other brands as well.

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Images courtesy of LM Creations