In a few weeks, outdoors activities should be in full swing and it’s best to get ready as early as possible. As the majority of people hit beaches, lakes, resorts, and perhaps tropical getaways, others are probably out exploring the vast wilderness by overlanding. Should you count yourself with the latter, Living Vehicle just recently opened reservations for the CyberTrailer!

Although substantially delayed beyond their original target release Tesla has finally shipped out Cybertrucks to their eager owners. Sadly, reports confirmed several units have been recalled due to production flaws which could render the all-electric pickup truck unusable or unsafe.

Nevertheless, there are a few cool alternatives such as Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Rivian’s R1T. Still, it’s clear that by design, Living Vehicle is marketing this adventure trailer for owners of Tesla’s rugged platform. With a geometric outline, the CyberTrailer looks futuristic and somewhat menacing.

In contrast to the manufacturer’s other towable motorhomes, which resemble other contemporary options, this bad boy exudes a tactical vibe. As of this writing, most of the details are still under wraps, but some unique selling points have been published online.

The Cybertrailer is engineered for off-grid recreation and is equipped for extended stays. The roof is lined with solar panels to harvest clean energy from the sun. Not only does it supply power to the cabin, but it can also recharge the towing EV. 

Living Vehicle likewise accounts for a clean water supply, which is why an atmospheric water generator and an advanced filtration system are integrated. Take control of various functions with your iPad for convenience. The Cybertrailer also comes with a gear-hauler ramp and a folding patio. Expect more details to follow in the coming months.

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Images courtesy of Living Vehicle