It’s amazing to see the automotive and motorcycle industry shifting away from fossil fuels to battery-electric systems. Moreover, innovations continue to improve the performance of said platforms and should eventually reach peak efficiency in the future. Now we have startups like LIVAQ and its EQUAD to augment the adventures of outdoor enthusiasts sans any environmental impact.

Let’s face it, we cannot claim to love nature when our vehicles and other mobility systems leave a carbon footprint. Therefore, we now have more electric SUVs, pickup trucks, and caravans to choose from. ATVs are great for travelling over narrow paths and difficult terrain where your full-sized ride cannot. With the EQUAD, you now have an eco-friendly alternative for your favorite recreation.

“With the ATV market being largely dominated by gas-powered vehicles, LIVAQ positions itself as one of the most exciting new companies to appear in the adventure vehicle space today,” stated the Michigan-based group. At a glance, the personal off-roader touts a cool futuristic vibe with its geometric outline.

The body panels are reportedly fabricated out of “repurposed carbon fiber” — a material lauded for its lightweight and durable properties. Two 16 kW hub motors can push the 1,010-pound EQUAD up to 67 mph, which is probably what adrenaline junkies want to hear. Powering the electric ATV is a 15.4 kWh battery pack targeting a range of approximately 170 miles on a single charge.

A four-link suspension system and hydraulic brakes should keep the EQUAD stable and under control even when the driver pushes it to the limit. “We wanted our vehicles to capture the raw essence of the wild while seamlessly weaving in contemporary design elements,” notes LIVAQ CEO David Medina.

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Images courtesy of LIVAQ