Whiskey making can run in some families for generations and Freddie Noe’s ‘Little Book’ blended whiskey is the latest proof of that. His father, Fred Noe, is current Master Distiller of Jim Beam in Clermont, Kentucky, and his grandfather was Booker Noe – grandson to Jim Beam himself.

The Little Book blend comprises four distinct whiskeys combined to create a unique, easy to enjoy taste: a 4-year old Kentucky Bourbon, a 13-year-old corn whiskey, and both a 100% malt whiskey and a high rye whiskey aged six years each. The final blend clocks in at 128.2 proof and is said to lead with caramel and oak giving over to nuts and corn for a long finish. Look for the presence of this limited batch coming in October with a suggested retail price of about $80 per 750ml bottle.

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