The Liteboxer is a connected home training equipment that helps hone your boxing skills while letting you work up a sweat. It helps improve coordination through fun and interactive “runway” lights.

This boxing unit is for boxers or boxing enthusiasts who want to continue training for the sport even when away from the gym or the boxing ring. It offers wireless connectivity to smartphones and tablets so users can experience a state-of-the-art and fun fitness experience.

The Liteboxer helps improve hand and eye coordination in boxing. It uses a proprietary Rhythm Technology function to facilitate the user’s movements during Quick Play mode. This technology syncs the machine to an Android or iOS-compatible app that provides the machine access to your phone or tablet’s music library. The “runway” lights that guide the punching movements are not random. Instead, they follow the rhythm or beat of the song connected to the machine. This allows users the flexibility to control the duration of their training or workouts depending on their song selection.

The machine also comes equipped with sensors that provide metrics around force, timing, and accuracy on workouts so users can see their progress over time. Outside of Rhythm Technology, there is also the Training Camp mode that helps users familiarize themselves with the machine’s system. There is also an added option to let users challenge friends to the same workout so they can compare results.

Liteboxer chairman Todd Dagress built the machine around the concept of using a punching bag. He wanted to do more training at home and so replicated the system with his own mess-free and free-standing replacement for the heavy bag.

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Images courtesy of Liteboxer