For quirky yet cool creations that defy conventional design standards, Love Hultén is one of our go-to sources. The Swede’s latest project sees him hit up New York-based artist LIŔONA for an interactive experience unlike any other. The synth#boi is a crazy contraption the duo describes as a “phygital” purchase.

The odd wordplay here appears to be a portmanteau of physical and digital which is a clever reference to what the synth#boi is all about. As many of you can already guess, this creative collaboration involves NFTs. Stemming from the growing cryptocurrency craze, people are going gaga over these virtual assets.

Leave it up to the brilliant imagination of Love Hultén to come up with an immersive method to all this madness. LIŔONA’s iconic PFP NFT project dubbed #boiz finally finds a physical visualizer for people to play with. Up to his usual antics, the device touts a vintage aesthetic presented with a stone-like finish.

It ships out to buyers in a wooden crate with printed graphics of handling instructions in red. There’s also the SYNTH#BOI branding and outline of the image in blue.  Once it’s out of the box, you’re looking at a strange gadget that resembles a retro desktop computer system.

What appears to be the monitor connects to a base that holds an NUC i5 and S-Engine MKII sound module combo. Three color-coded knobs are visible on the front. A single USB-A port is located on the right and this is where you connect the included 25-key MIDI keyboard. Turn on the display and press the keys to see the dynamic digital artwork react and move around. The synth#boi is limited to 10 units only.

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Images courtesy of LIŔONA/Love Hultén