Against all odds, Ford found success in the EV scene with the Mustang Mach-E. Automotive industry pundits even note that sales of the electric crossover were outstanding. Although there’s no reason for Tesla to shake in its boots just yet, the Blue Oval’s luxury arm teases something new. They’re calling it the Star, but is it though?

With surging interest surrounding sustainability, concepts are popping up almost every day. Ford, on the other hand, already has a successful platform under its belt. Now, it’s just a matter of sharing the technology with its other sub-brands. Lincoln confirms plans to offer only fully electric models by 2025. This zero-emission SUV might be a preview of what’s in development.

Immediately giving away its eco-friendly status are the LED elements on the exterior of the Star. The front features the illuminated Lincoln emblem set against a backlit grille. More glowing accents are visible on the fenders, front door hinge, roofline, hood, full-width tail light, and branding script on the rear. Meanwhile, the A-pillars and D-pillars feature 3D-printed latticework for natural lighting.

To make each trip relaxing and memorable, the Star features three rejuvenation mood settings: Coastal Morning, Mindful Vitality, and Evening Chill. These modes use the cabin’s lights, audio, and high-resolution animations on the infotainment displays for an immersive experience.

Within the electric SUV, you’ll also find a beverage chiller between the rear seats. The soft glow of the interior comes from multiple sources and enhances the grandeur of every surface. Leather upholstery wraps the dash, doors, and seats. Meanwhile, golden metallic trims outline the edges for that lavish motif. These all combine to make the Lincoln Star concept truly shine.

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Images courtesy of Lincoln