The latest and last variation of the UR-110 “Torpedo” model launched back in 2011, this new luxury wristwatch is called the Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood Watch and it is undeniably a thing of horological beauty.

Being at the same time highly futuristic and very vintage looking, the piece is an ultimate rich hipster accessory: you’ve got the industrial titanium design, you’ve got the exotic wood, and you’ve got the tweed, all in one. This last version is available in two limited edition versions, with only 55 units each. The difference between the two is the choice of faceplate material, which can be either Macassar Ebony or Red Ebony.

New Luxury Wristwatch Urwerk UR-110 EastwoodTitanium Case, Urwerk UR110 Eastwood Red Ebony

What you might not know is that ebony is a remarkably difficult material to work with. It can be as challenging to machine as certain types of steel are, wearing out drill bits and consequently slowing the manufacturing process. Knowing this gives us extra appreciation of the fact that the wood has been layered on its side and cut to perfection with a smooth curve that matches that of the sapphire crystal.

The interior mechanism hasn’t suffered changes, which allows the bold material combination to take center stage. Measuring 47mm in diameter and having a 51mm lug distance, this is not an easy watch to wear. But if you put it on and feel that you can make it work, you kind of owe it to yourself to also buy it.

Urwerk UR110 Eastwood Macassar Ebony Urwerk UR110 Eastwood Macassar Ebony, Titanium Case Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood Luxury Watch