Paris-based architecture studio Atelier LAVIT constructed four haystack-inspired cabins amongst vineyards and woodlands called LILELO (Little Leisure Lodges). Tucked away in the heart of Monferrato in Piedmont, Italy, they serve as a retreat for guests who want to commune with nature and with each other.

The cabins are in Madonna dei Monti, Grazzano Badoglio. They take on a triangular silhouette and sit on a trunk-like base off the ground. They do not touch the sloping topography for sustainability but they beautifully complement the surroundings. Three cabins serve as private suites while the fourth is a communal space where guests can partake in social activities. It has a kitchen/dining area and a large terrace. 

Meanwhile, the three suites feature an open-plan layout, have a breakfast nook, and offer stunning views of the surroundings from the comfort of the queen size bed.  There’s an adjacent deck with a hot tub that connects to the bedroom while the bathroom with shower is at the back of the suite. The private suites in LILELO only have one door that leads to the washroom. The rest of the space does not have doors creating a free-flowing space where air can freely circulate.

But Atelier LAVIT ensures guests still have privacy despite the lack of doors in the suites. The studio says of the design of the cabins, “The lodges weren’t designed as closed volumes from which the openings were subtracted but as a space created by three inclined surfaces, following the Japanese logic of working on layers.” These wooden layers put closely together form not just the silhouette of the cabins but also privacy walls. Guests at LILELO are welcome to pick fruits from the neighboring orchard and take quiet strolls around the woodland. 

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Images courtesy of LILELO