With a rising demand for emission-free vehicles, companies supplying aftermarket add-ons are likewise catching up. Lightship is one such outfit ready to cater to clients who seek eco-friendly alternatives for their camping needs. The team develops the L1 – a futuristic platform for nomads who care about the planet.

Ever since Tesla debuted the Cybertruck, its geometric design has inspired countless concepts. These range from EVs to camper trailers which showcase bold angular outlines. The L1 is no different as it boasts a sleek silhouette with clean lines and softer edges. Overall, its top-notch aerodynamics should equate to optimal mileage.

To ensure minimal drag during travel, Lightship engineers the L1 with a motorized pop-up system. With a team made up of former Tesla employees alongside renowned industrial designer Eric Fields, their pool of talent is put to good use here. In Road Mode, the motorhome is at its most compact at only 6’9” tall.

However, once parked at an ideal location, toggle Camp Mode to expand the volumes within its walls. In fact, Lightship notes the ceiling height increases to approximately 7’6” to make the interiors feel even more expansive. The roof features integrated solar panels, while windows allow natural lighting to brighten its spaces.

The camper trailer also benefits from its battery and electric drivetrain placement. It keeps the L1 stable during transport to ensure safety while you’re on the go. Rated at 80 kWh, the off-grid capability is enough for up to seven days. The manufacturer pegs a 2024 production start date with two variants available for purchase.

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Images courtesy of Lightship