Touted as “a phone that actually respects you” and doesn’t buzz or flash all the time trying to rob your attention with social media bullshit, the Light Phone 2 gives you all the features you need to stay connected and nothing more.

The distraction-free 4G device has a sleek black & white matte E-ink display and offers a few essential tools, like messaging, an alarm clock, and of course calling. Boasting a clean, typographic-based interface, Light’s OS (a modified Android) uses a few thoughtfully implemented tools, with two actual buttons (on the right side of the phone) to scroll through your customized ‘toolbox’.

The Light Phone 2 is 91mm x 55mm x 6.5-7.5mm thick, has 1 GB DDR3 of RAM / 8GB eMMC, a Qualcomm Processor, and a 500mAh battery offering a few hours of talk time and 5 days in standby. Available in black or white, and made of anodized aluminum, giving it a total weight of 80g.

Preorder From Indiegogo $250