Several months after the release of the Xbox Series X/S and PS5, the retail units remain elusive as ever. To date, global silicon shortages are causing problems for manufactures who are already struggling with the growing demand. For now, you might want to consider PC gaming and Lian Li has the hardware to back you up. Here we have the two gaming desks: The DK-05F and DK-04F.

Us gamers are a finicky bunch and Lian Li knows it. Each person has their preferred configuration and settings for optimal ergonomics. Thus, the DK-05F and DK-04F boast a height-adjustable design for convenience. Being a modern gaming desk, uses a motorized system with four programmable presets and manual control.

The surface can go as low as 27.13 inches and as high as 46.26 inches. Other premium features include a 0.32-inch tempered smart glass that can switch from transparent to opaque with a press of a button. Now you can hide your beefy hardware setup from view or show it off in all its glory.

A major difference between the two models is the overall size. The DK-04F can accommodate your standard gaming rig setup, while DK-05F are for the hardcore crowd who might want a dual system arrangement. Personally, we would choose the latter for the sake of flexibility and future-proofing.

PC gaming enthusiasts will love the sheer amount of customizability Lian Li throws their way. The right section of the front-facing panel houses the controls and ports. LED strips provide the illumination which no self-respecting rig builder should be caught dead without. Pricing for the DK-05F and DK-04F is currently unavailable, but these will likely cost more than your average high-end chassis.

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Images courtesy of Lian Li