With LG’s graceful exit from the smartphone game, analysts wonder if it will ever bounce back. With a very strong market for its cutting-edge display and battery technology, the company could just focus its resources here. Instead, we’re happy to see it take an unexpected route with the announcement of the Vision OMNIPOD at CES 2022.

We really had a good feeling earlier this year, right before the annual expo. Weeks leading up to the big event, the South Korean tech group was already teasing a ton of cool stuff. There was the recliner with a built-in curved screen, a slim yet powerful gaming laptop, and its biggest OLED panel yet.

Hitting us with a mobility concept, on the other hand, is a huge surprise! The reveal of the Vision OMNIPOD reminds us to be always ready for the unexpected. What looks like a regular van is actually a modular high-tech room on wheels. Technically, you can call it an RV. LG lets you kit it out with whatever you need to become a digital nomad.

As the doors open up and you step inside a spacious cabin, a wraparound floor-to-ceiling display comes alive. Depending on what you need, the interior becomes an entertainment pod, a content creation hub, or a mobile office. Moreover, owners can configure their Vison OMNIPOD with retractable furniture, motorized storage systems, appliances, and more.

The manufacturer calls the vibrant immersive display the “Meta Environment Screen.” The best part of it all is the AI concierge service Reah – an interactive virtual assistant. This suggests the Vison OMNIPOD will support voice commands for hands-free convenience. They’re also marketing it as an autonomous vehicle which would be so cool if you can just tell it where to go. Make it happen LG!

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Images courtesy of LG