Through the magic of spatial audio, we can now enjoy a more immersive listening experience. Be it music or movies, the direction where the sound comes from makes a huge difference. Software algorithms create this effect, but you also need hardware with the right technology. LG introduces the Tone Free T90Q to cater to its users.

Since it’s going up against some of the biggest names in the business like Sony, Samsung, Apple, Beats, and others, support for omnidirectional sound is not enough. Hence, the South Korean group ships their true wireless Bluetooth earbuds with cool new features.

Marketing materials bill these as the “world’s first Dolby Atmos earbuds that enhance listening with Dolby Head Tracking.” Listeners will find the dynamically adjusting playback outstanding. This positions the Tone Free T90Q as an innovative TWS option for most forms of entertainment.

Dolby Head Tracking dynamically recalibrates the acoustic output as you look around. Plus, the integrated audio virtualizer “adds dimensionality and clarity” to stereo content. The LG Tone Free T90Q earbuds pack four microphones with noise canceling for crystal clear communications.

Robust graphene speaker drivers offer impressive audio quality and minimize unwanted vibrations. To stay competitive in a market brimming with premium picks from renowned brands, active noise canceling is a must-have. LG lets you turn this function on and off to suit any situation. Meanwhile, a professional-grade equalizer from Meridian Audio Technology delivers high-fidelity playback.

Your Tone Free T90Q features medical-grade silicone ear gels that minimize skin irritation and block out ambient noise. You get 9 hours with an additional 20 from the charging case which is also wireless charging compatible. The UVnano+ system uses UV-C to kill 99.9% of bacteria on your earbuds while charging.

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Images courtesy of LG