Samsung blew the gaming scene away at CES 2023 when it unveiled a collection of monitors. It was the two ultrawide options: The Odyssey Neo G9 and Odyssey OLED G9. Not to be outdone by its rival, LG introduces what could be the most innovative product in home entertainment. This is the SIGNATURE OLED M3.

Except maybe for the power cord, this 97-inch display does away with ugly wires. Hence, this means you can pick any spot for the TV and not worry about how to arrange the cables. According to the South Korean group, it is “the world’s first consumer TV with Zero Connect technology, a wireless solution capable of real-time video and audio transmission at up to 4K 120Hz.”

We’re looking at cutting-edge wireless streaming capabilities that free up the massive panel’s placement around your home. Mount it on the wall or leave it as a freestanding canvas. The SIGNATURE OLED M3 allows owners to position it anywhere aesthetically. Just plug your devices directly into the Zero Connect box.

The concept behind it may seem simple enough, but there is a lot behind the development of its system. Also, advanced algorithms identify and use the optimal transmission path each time you reposition the TV and its accessories. Moreover, voice recognition enhances its hands-free convenience. The SIGNATURE OLED M3’s massive screen and powerful audio make it even more immersive.

“Despite the imposing size of its screen, the M3 blends in effortlessly with one’s interior décor courtesy of its understated One Wall Design. The M3 and its integrated bracket sit flush against the wall with no visible gap, presenting a chic, art gallery aesthetic that augments the TV’s outstanding self-lit picture quality,” writes LG about the SIGNATURE OLED M3. 

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Images courtesy of LG