Flexible OLED panels have been around for a while now. Manufacturers have been using the technology in innovative ways, but there are always more unique applications. Industrial designer Merve Nur Sökme shares a concept called the Rén. At first glance, the device looks like a fancy lantern with a wraparound screen.  

However, sketches shared penned by its creator reveal its myriad of functionalities. Her proposal shows the LG branding on various sections of the Rén. This is a submission for the Go Competition hosted by Dezeen and the South Korean company. The latter is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of OLED technology.

Given the growing popularity of mood lighting platforms, its capabilities are a bit more advanced than just that. Technically, the Rén can display any still or moving images to create the user’s desired ambience. There’s even a fold-down handle on top for easy transport. Here, you’ll also find a capacitive touch interface.

This pebble-like unit is a removable remote control that attaches magnetically and probably charges wirelessly as well when it’s in the recessed dock. Deploy the flexible OLED panel and the LG Rén turns into a traditional flat-panel display. The round base with an integrated cable management system below keeps it upright.

But wait! There’s more! A telescoping tube allows you to adjust the height of the LG Rén for that perfect viewing angle. The thicker section at the bottom is actually a speaker unit. As you can see, this is versatility like no other as the device can turn into a desktop monitor, a TV, an ambient light source, or a portable speaker.

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Images courtesy of Merve Nur Sökme