Lexus Hooverboard

Is it here, finally? A real version of Marty McFly’s hoverboard? Well, fellow geeks, this is something many of us are hoping to ride one day. And now the wait might be over, as carmaker Lexus has just unveiled something very much like the legendary transport from Back to the Future 2. Say hello to the Lexus Hoverboard ($TBA).

While details are scarce at the moment, we do know that the board is called SLIDE, it features high tech materials and natural bamboo, and apparently it can fly thanks to magnets and superconductors which are cooled by liquid nitrogen (say whaat?). This crazy new technology has been developed in the last 18 months, and rumor says professional skateboarders are to test it soon in Barcelona (our home town). Unless this is just a vicious joke, the existence of Lexus Hooverboard is certainly tremendous news.

Lexus Hooverboard 1

Lexus Hooverboard 2

Lexus Hooverboard 3