When building a new gaming rig, the next step is choosing accessories for a cool cohesive style. Unlike home consoles wherein every unit virtually looks and performs the same, PC gamers prefer to pick every component possible to assemble something bespoke. A new trend sweeping the scene is customized or designer mechanical keyboards. The K-Bird may not be commercially available as of now, but who says it won’t in the future?

With a staggering number of parts to consider, what people usually take for granted has become the core of a new hobby among gamers. A quick check online reveals endless options when cost is not a factor. As of this writing, 3D artist Travis Ragsdale shares a fascinating take on an essential piece of hardware expressed in digital form.

The renders of the K-Bird already tease its sleek and premium craftsmanship. It also reveals the theme its creator went with. Most mechanical keyboards allow owners to customize some or most of their parts. Meanwhile, the K-Bird opts for a combination of hexagonal keys with a unibody metal body.

Stainless steel handles flank each side to make it easy to transport. To aid with ergonomics, two feet prop the keyboard at an angle to minimize fatigue from long-term usage. Instead of square or round keys, the K-Bird is adorned with concave hexagonal keycaps. 

This motif also makes its way to the power switch and optional attachments. To make it even more versatile, the K-Bird features a modular system wherein owners can attach additional keys, a drawing surface with a stylus, dial knobs, sliders, and others. Keep an eye on this awesome project!

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Images courtesy of Travis Ragsdale