Oral care is something nobody should omit from their daily routine. If neglected, it could lead to a host of unwanted health issues in the long run. Some individuals believe gargling is more than enough, but brushing is the key to flashing a pearly white smile. When a traditional or electric toothbrush won’t do, then perhaps the Samba can change your mind.

As always, we can leave it up to companies like CURAPROX to overengineer a simple oral hygiene product into an advanced tool to delight the tech-savvy among us. As indicated by their marketing spiel, this might be the first commercially available “robotic toothbrush” but not everything is fully automated.

Should you choose to automate the average dental cleaning process, keep in mind early adoption typically involves a pricey investment. The Samba is currently listed at a discounted $299 from its original $399 cost, which equates to $100 in savings should you grab one now. The introductory sale will run until the end of the month.

CURAPROX is not directly promoting this device to the average user. Instead, it’s meant for people with mobility or dexterity issues that render them unable to follow through the basic motions of brushing. The U-shaped brush head leverages “both low and high-frequency oscillations” to dislodge food particles and polish your teeth.

On average, a regular or electric toothbrush holds about 2,500 bristles. The Samba, on the other hand, is armed with 13,000 arranged for optimal coverage. So, if you know someone who will benefit from this oral care gadget, be sure to take advantage of the special offer CURAPROX has right now. 

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Images courtesy of CURAPROX