Exciting things are brewing on the sustainable mobility scene as more carmakers are revealing their electrification plans. We have Toyota up on stage once again to showcase another emission-free concept. The exciting new ride bears the Lexus badge and draws inspiration from the sporty LFA. Currently, it goes by the name Electrified Sports EV — which might still change if it ever hits production.

For now, let’s check out what the Japanese company’s luxury marque intends to push with this new halo vehicle. This concept can be considered the green successor to the LFA and those who care about the environment will love it.

Furthermore, there are other models that will eventually receive all-electric versions in the future. According to the press release, the Electrified Sports EV will be the ultimate platform for supercar enthusiasts.

Although technical specifications are unavailable as of this writing, Lexus throws some numbers around. So far, the zero-emission powertrain will be capable of a 0-60 mph run in under two seconds. Also, the approximate range on a full charge should be about 435 miles.

Earlier, we were talking about Toyota’s adamant stance on hydrogen fuel cells. Lexus, on the other hand, intends to use solid-state battery technology for the Electrified Sports EV. Just like every other manufacturer, this supercar has Tesla in its sights. In fact, it is supposedly faster than the Model S Plaid.

Nonetheless, the goal is to launch multiple all-electric rides by 2030. The Electrified Sports EV will lead the charge with several others to follow. One of those is the Lexus RZ which will prove to be a highly capable SUV minus any emission. We can’t wait to see the final fully-electric lineup.

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Images courtesy of Lexus