Lexani Motorcars is back at it again with a very exciting new project. Inspired by the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, its new LM-EXTV is a rugged off-road 4×4 that redefines the outdoor vehicle.

The LM-EXTV stands for “Lexani Motors Extreme Terrain Vehicle.” Lexani claims it’s the “perfect intersection between utility and luxury.” The automaker spent over a year developing this bad boy, which involved experimenting with different materials and layouts. That and performing countless test drives in harsh environments to ensure topnotch safety and utmost performance.

You can customize the trim, seats, cabinetry installations, and many other elements as you see fit. However, the standard form always comes in a sleek camouflage wrap. The camper van features 20-inch forged monoblock wheels — designed by Lexani themselves — with 33-inch off-road tires. A solar panel sits on the roof, while the front and rear bumpers feature new LED light bars.

The interior features a carbon fiber trim, suede ceiling, and walls outfitted with ambient lighting. Yes, they’re adjustable. In the front cabin there’s a a mini fridge, a microwave, and a 24-inch LED TV — Apple TV and Wi-Fi included. There are convertible beds and even storage for bicycles, skis, and other outdoor gear. Keeping things cool is a heavy-duty AC system, which offers adjustable overhead air distribution. It’s clear that Lexani made this for off-road adventurers who don’t want to leave behind the comforts of modern civilization entirely.

For now, Lexani is mum on pricing. However, something like this probably won’t come cheap. Sure, you can probably just opt for a Sprinter and build your own camper van on a budget, but that won’t be as luxurious as Lexani’s new offering.

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Photos courtesy of Lexani