The LEX Bionic Chair reinvents the definition of portable sitting arrangement. This innovative product from Astride Bionix straps to your waist for on-demand comfort whenever and wherever.

This sitting tool is not your typical four-legged chair. Instead, it is an endoskeleton of aircraft grade aluminum meticulously crafted to create a two-legged seat, which is easy to put on. Just strap it to your waist and thighs and pull down the legs when you need to sit.

When not in use, the legs neatly fold back up to be a part of your body’s upper leg. Its ergonomic design allows for adaptability while on the go. You never feel that it’s a burden to carry while you move around.

The whole unit can also be rolled up for safekeeping. Moreover, this chair is lightweight at about two pounds, yet it boasts a sitting load capacity of up to 264 pounds.

The LEX Bionic Chair does not just offer you with a place to sit and relax. It also corrects your posture over prolonged use. It instinctively straightens your back the moment you sit down and automatically aligns you into a 120-degree body-thigh sitting posture. This helps keep your spine in its natural position and thus reduces the risk of strain or injury.

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Photos Courtesy of Astride Bionix