Having a car is great for a lot of reasons. You can drive to practically almost any destination whenever the need arises. Moreover, it provides shelter from the elements and space to haul cargo. No matter how you look at it, there doesn’t seem to be any downside to the ownership of a vehicle. Despite all these advantages, it won’t matter when there’s a traffic jam. Thankfully, cool personal mobility platforms are available just like the Levy Plus.

These days, the growing concerns regarding climate change urge people to consider sustainable alternatives such as electric scooters. Although there are also other convenient means to travel sans any emissions aside from bicycles like e-bikes, e-motorcycles, and e-skateboards, the former is perhaps the most ubiquitous right now.  Hence, companies like Levy are now catering to crowds who want performance and quality.

Ordering, Unboxing, And Assembling The Levy Plus

As with any foray into anything fascinating, it all begins with the actual product in your hands. To do so, head on over to the official website and make the purchase. Currently, the lineup includes the Original and Plus models. The manufacturer was gracious enough to send over a sample for us to take out for a spin and our early impressions are overwhelmingly positive. We’ll share a more comprehensive takeaway at the end.

Once the order has been placed, it’s just a waiting game until the package arrives. Keep in mind that there might be some cosmetic issues with the box due to the courier’s handling during shipping. In our case, these were incredibly minor and in no way affected the electric scooter within. We also want to point out it requires a bit of assembly before you can have some fun.

No worries here as the steps are quite easy to follow and won’t even take up too much of your time. Did we mention it comes with a folding mechanism? That’s right, this feature is quite handy as it makes storage and transport easy. By default, the Levy Plus’ stem is collapsed and secured by a latch system integrated into the rear fender brake.

Just push down the fender to disengage. It also helps if the kickstand is deployed to keep the electric scooter upright. Align the stem properly with the head tube then then lock it with the hinge latch and twist the latch collar cover for extra measure. So far, even without the latter, it still feels solid. Open the starter box next and grab the two handlebars.

Each one is labeled to indicate which side they screw into. Don’t forget to slip over the brake lever assembly before attaching the left-side handlebar. Take the 5 mm hex key and tighten the bolt under the brake lever assembly after it is set at whatever angle feels comfortable to you. With everything in place, the Levy Plus should be good to go.

Design, Build Quality, And Specifications

First off, to keep the electric scooter lightweight yet durable, it uses an aluminum alloy construction. It stands approximately 46” high and tips the scales at 30 lbs. There are four colorways to choose from. Three have a base in black with wires and controls in red, gray, or green, while the other is in black/gunmetal gray with blue wires and controls.

A digital display on top shows various information such as charge level, speed, driving mode, and settings. To the right of the screen are the power button, menu button, and thumb throttle. To keep the form factor as sleek as possible, the Levy Plus positions its removable battery just below the latch catch plate and behind the stem. This, along with the internally routed brake cable and wiring, gives it a bold yet clean aesthetic.

There are three tire types compatible with your ride: tubed, tubeless, and solid. The first two require inflation to at least 40 PSI. There is a valve extender inside the starter box just in case the air chuck is too bulky to reach the standard wheel valve stems. We opted for the puncture-proof version which came with its set of caveats over the others.

The Levy Plus ships with a 36V, 12.8 aH rechargeable power pack. It’s remarkably easy to detach and reattach with the help of a spring-loaded latch easily toggled by our thumb. Another aspect we like about the battery is its charging versatility. You can top up the unit while it’s connected to the stem or when it is removed.

Its barrel plug charger’s LED status light glows red to indicate it is charging, while green means the electric scooter is ready for action. There’s also a rubber flap covering the port for extra ingress protection. You can likewise purchase extra batteries to extend their mileage.

Speaking of range, Levy claims the Plus can last up to 20 miles on a full charge. Factors such as weight, air resistance, temperature, and terrain can affect this. Nevertheless, we found that it holds enough juice for trips around the city. On the other hand, it can always function as a manual kick scooter when fully drained.

Our Takeaway

Overall, we found the Levy Plus an enjoyable urban mobility alternative to public transport. The deck is wide and grippy enough to give riders a decent foothold during operation. The folding mechanism is an excellent selling point given it allows us to smoothly carry the electric scooter when needed and quickly deploy it as well.

In our experience, this two-wheeler was easy to handle and quick enough to get us where we wanted to go. The inclusion of a rear fender foot brake is another welcome feature and doubles as a backup just in case the disc brakes give out. However, with proper calibration and regular maintenance, this issue will likely never happen.

It’s easy to miss at the start, but the Levy Plus is equipped with an LED headlight and taillight for nighttime rides. It was a bit tricky at first to keep the brake cable and wires out of the way as they tend to interfere with the headlamp’s beam. In the end, it was nothing a couple of zip ties couldn’t solve.

For those who want to kit out their electric scooter with first-party add-ons, there are plenty of options available. The catalog includes a carrying strap, a handlebar extender, a U-lock, a folding lock, a phone holder, a front carrying bag, and an LED helmet, to name a few. We highly recommend the extra battery packs and chargers to get the most out of your Levy Plus.

Order Your Levy Electric Scooters: Here