Back from the success of his Toolcard Pro, Mike Scully introduces another multi-tool that promises to help you “conquer daily tasks in seconds.” The Lever Gear Edge XT offers ten functions in a compact design that easily slips into your pocket or hooks to a keychain.

Forget carrying bulky tools when you can easily turn this humble-looking gear into an everyday carry toolbox. It has most of the tools you need when you want to tighten or loosen screws, open boxes, cut or slice, and more.

The Lever Gear Edge XT comes with a slim and lightweight profile yet large enough for a comfortable grip so you can work on those tasks with ease.  Its size and shape form a natural handle with the prybar, screwdrivers (Phillips and Flathead), #11 utility blade, and box opener at either end.

Meanwhile, other important tools include a wire stripper, a metric and inch ruler, and a hex bit holder, which has a back and bit retention. This way you can apply pressure on the screw and not worry about the bit sliding in and out during use.

As for the blade, the Lever Gear Edge XT comes with a locking thumb slider to allow for one-handed operation when deploying or retracting the blade. The lock prevents the blade from accidentally sliding out even when not in use. Using the replaceable #11 utility blade is also a functional choice as it can easily cut rope or rip through cardboard and provides extra precision and tight turns with its narrow point.

Most importantly, the Level Gear Edge XT is built for durability with its main body made from heat-treated 420HC stainless steel. The blade cover is a lightweight and scratch-resistant anodized aluminum while the blade slider and lock are a glass-reinforced nylon polymer.

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Images courtesy of Lever Gear