The Transparent Light Speaker is a portable lantern and music player in one. It provides rich bass with stable mid-tones and crisp high notes and light that flickers to mimic natural flame.

This innovative device uses a solid borosilicate glass cylinder that seals the 3-inch woofer in the bottom. The top dome-shaped enclosure holds a powerful 2.5-inch full-range driver that boasts 360-degree sound. It uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 tech that includes “True Wireless” dual speakers for wireless streaming. This makes it possible to connect two speakers together so you can designate each as left and right. The speakers also work as a satellite to pair with previous stationary Transparent speaker models.

Meanwhile, the Transparent Light Speaker features a glowing, vibrating bass-and-light element at the bottom. This helps create a natural-looking glow that pulsates in tune with the music playing. It gives the glow a subtle flicker as seen in candle flames.

The light has three brightness ranges. As you turn on the light knob, the brightness goes from a dark glowing ember to a living candle. Then it goes all the way up to a bright natural light that has a temperature of about 3500 kelvin.

The Transparent Light Speaker is very portable at just 1.3 pounds and comes with a detachable carrying handle for convenience. It takes seconds to set up and requires no complicated voice prompts or app to run the speaker. A simple turn on and off of the buttons (separate for the light and speaker) and you’re off to a great campfire night with music to create the appropriate mood.

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Images courtesy of Transparent