Gerber’s Double Down is unlike any other tool in the market because of its versatile design. It offers three uses: it’s a machete, a knife, and a hatchet. 

This is one tough, rugged, and robust tool that deploys the blade using a butterfly opening. It’s built to handle the rigors of outdoor use while being portable enough to carry around in your hand and in your backpack. When opened, it measures up to the size of a standard machete and gives it the same cutting and chopping power to split open wood and more.

The knife comes with a two-part handle with a quad-locking system to provide all the benefits of a full-size blade. But it shrinks down to half its size for compact storage. Gerber’s Double Down boasts a 6.75″ long high-carbon steel blade, but when unfolded, it can reach a length of 15.1″.

This capacity is made possible with the dual-piece handle, which folds securely around the blade for safe and convenient storage. When used, the handle sections rotate at a full 180 degrees and lock into place at four points to offer a comfortable ergonomic grip.   

Gerber’s Double Down is a “folding machete hybrid” and caters to three key tasks: chopping, splitting, and core knifework. The jimping on the spine help when you baton when splitting wood while a recurve blade gives you full control of the handle when you shave wood and more. Other helpful features include a stability bar and overstrike guard. This tool weighs 18oz, has a MOLLE compatible sheath for storage, and is available in three colors: an all-black variant, green/stainless, and black/stainless.

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Images courtesy of Gerber