Collaborations between watch makers and clock makers can leave us with some interesting and occasionally outright unusual timepieces. When the Swiss watchmaker MB&F gets together with Swiss clockmaker L’Epée these strange creations usually turn things up even more outrageously.

Their latest team-up owes its inspiration to the old science fiction rocket designs of the 1950’s and 1960’s with their bulbous bodies and sweeping tailfins. The 16-inch tall L’Epée x MB&F Destination Moon Clock ($20K) is represented with an invisible skin so the satin-finished stainless steel framework and the workings of the 164-component vertical structuring of the L’Epée in-house movement can be viewed.

The time is read from the dark numbered bands via a diamond indicator. It is wound by the propulsion wheel crown giving it an 8-day power reserve. The Destination Moon Clock is being limited to only 50 pieces each of four colorways of black, green, blue, or palladium.