Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit 1

Now that winter holidays are over and you’re back to work, you might feel the post-vacation blues. But worry not, we’re here to help. And it so happens that we just stumbled upon a piece of gear, made to help you overcome depression at the office: the Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit ($18).

Made after Leonardo’s design (from around 1485) which used the spring-like energy stored in bent wood to power the swing arm, this small catapult will be ready to launch tiny balls of anything you feed it with, once it’s all put together (users say it takes 30-45 min). The wooden kit contains over 2 dozen pre-cut parts needed for assembly (glue included) and it’s actually meant to be an educational tool for kids, but we think grown-ups can sometimes also use an example of how physics works. Especially when it’s intended for causing destruction fun.

Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit 2