Packing up your bathroom and skincare essentials during your travels can be a hassle especially when you lack space in your bag. You end up putting them in unsuitable areas just to make space. In this case, toiletry bags are essential as they keep items organized just like the Leo Gonta Hanging Toiletry Bag.

This travel kit can store anything from your beauty kit, medicine, tech gadgets, and more. It helps keep your items organized whether you’re off to the gym, to a weekend getaway, or simply trying to organize your bathroom setup. It offers four discrete waterproof transparent zipped pockets so you can segregate items neatly and keep them safe from splashes. It even has an extra exterior side pocket for things you want close at hand.

Outside of the waterproof storage pockets inside, the exterior also keeps water out. Thanks to a mixture of both waterproof polyester for quick drying and an extra layer of padding to absorb moisture and impact. The leather handles add a touch of elegance.

The Leo Gonta Hanging Toiletry Bag is the perfect workout or travel companion. It can hold quite a bit because of its size although it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your bag. It measures ten inches wide, eight inches tall, and around four inches deep when packed up. It measures 35 inches long when fully opened. What makes this bag even more convenient to use is its 360-degree hanging hook. It allows you to grab items from the bag from any angle.

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Images courtesy of Leo Gonta