Lems Shoes’ Outlander Waterproof Boot guarantees your feet stay dry and you stay on your feet. This is their “first true all-season boot” equipped with a fully waterproof upper. Plus, it has serious treads that can handle both snow and mud.

The breathable and waterproof upper uses a combination of nylon and leather and polyester lining with a waterproof membrane. This combination ensures your feet not only stay dry but also warm and comfortable whether you’re slogging through slush or trekking on muddy slopes. The gusseted tongue prevents sand, dirt, or other debris from entering and getting trapped in the interior of the boots. It also keeps the tongue completely attached to the boot to prevent the accumulation of moisture.

Moreover, Lems Shoes’ Outlander Waterproof Boot comes with a full-rubber outsole that features zig-zag siping ideal for slippery situations. The zig-zag grooves provide biting edges to cut into ice or snow and help you stay grounded. The outsoles also incorporate 4mm deep lugs to provide traction on snow, mud, and on uneven surfaces. 

Unlike traditional boots or footwear that are tight on the toes, the Outlander Waterproof Boot gives them enough wiggle room. It features a foot-shaped toe box that allows for maximum freedom for your toes to wiggle and spread. Best of all, these outdoor boots have a zero-drop design that encourages a natural foot position. This way you don’t slouch or suffer backaches as it helps align your spine and achieve a natural mid-foot strike on each stride. 

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Images courtesy of Lems Shoes