Lems Shoes Mesa is the perfect versatile footwear for those with an active lifestyle. Anyone who fancies yoga, running, climbing, or a gym aficionado will love how it comfortably fits like a sock. Yet it is breathable and flexible so you can move around with ease. 

Each pair feels like a natural extension to your feet with its lightweight and ultra-flexible fit.  The upper is a knitted, sock-like construction with a TPU frame overlay. This makes it easy to slip on and off and gives a tight yet comfortable fit.  It comes in a natural foot-shape design, an EVA foam midsole, and the brand’s Mountain-to-Town outsole, which is basically a full solid rubber engineered for both trail and pavement. 

Moreover, the Lems Shoes Mesa has just the right footbed at 4.5mm molded PU, a stack height of 16-20mm, and a 4mm drop platform for balance. It is incredibly lightweight at just 9.8oz you’d hardly feel them. But it can tackle trails like a heavyweight thanks to its treaded rubber outsole that provide superior grip. Aside from being light, it also packs small as it can easily be folded in half so you can pack it in tight spaces.

This active footwear is also quick-drying so it can handle the occasional slip in a stream or puddle. Likewise, it being a functional fit means it keeps its shape over time. So you don’t have to worry about it stretching out with continued use. The Lems Shoes Mesa is even vegan friendly and boasts a modern aesthetic.  

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Images courtesy of Lems Shoes