Leica is a name synonymous with a lot of things. Most of you probably already own one of their products without knowing that it’s from the company. These include smartphones, cameras, microscopes, lenses, and rifle scopes, to name a few. Those who need a pair of binoculars might want to consider the Trinovid 8×40 LIFE edition.

If you find the regular colorways of their popular full-size model uninspired, this version could change that. Leica commissions Olafur Eliasson – an Icelandic-Danish artist – to impart his signature style on the Trinovid 8×40. Thus, the LIFE edition retains all the specifications of the standard variant but flaunts a neon green leather trim.

Furthermore, the engravings of the Trinovid 8×40 LIFE edition are filled out with a verdant hue. Meanwhile, the rest of the components are still in black to contrast the vibrancy. This chromatic combo will definitely draw attention, so keep that in mind. However, it’s stylish enough for people to admire its unique aesthetic.

As the name tells us, the magnification level is up to 8x courtesy of a 40 mm front lens and 5.0 mm exit pupil with a 16 mm eye relief. The Red Dot gives the outer section of the lenses with a coat of HDC and AquaDura. It measures 4.41” x 5.75” x 2.09” and weighs only 22.57 ounces. The Trinovid 8×40 LIFE edition’s aluminum body is splash-proof.

Leica is producing only 250 examples for worldwide distribution. It ships inside a special green packaging along with a certificate of authenticity and a signed quote card by the artist. The Trinovid 8×40 is an instant collector’s item for those lucky enough to snag one. Birding with these should be an interesting sight to see.

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Trinovid 8x40 Front

Images courtesy of Leica