Modern smartphones are versatile devices that have practically replaced some essential gadgets. Imaging is a feature we have taken for granted as flagship models now boast capabilities to easily rival the best digital cameras in the market. However, photography enthusiasts of all skill levels still choose to invest in top-notch hardware like the latest Leica SL3.

The iconic Red Dot badge with the white script within is synonymous with superior craftsmanship and performance. With a slogan that reads “Own the Moment,” the SL3 — like most German-made products — is engineered with precision in mind. With 150 years of excellence behind the brand, buyers know full well their investment is worth every penny.

Here we have a mirrorless full-frame system camera that captures images and videos in outstanding detail. Armed with a 60-megapixel sensor, it can also switch between 30 megapixels and 18 megapixels and save in JPG and DNG formats. Meanwhile, its dynamic range is listed at 15 stops and a 14-bit color depth.

Leica’s tech likewise ensures your photos and videos appear sharp via its advanced noise reduction. With an ISO sensitivity range of 50 to 100,000 the SL3 can adapt to any lighting condition. Don’t let unintentional movements ruin your shots as the five-axis stabilization compensates for the sudden shifts in direction.

The Maestro IV image processor is a core component responsible for the camera’s remarkable imaging quality. “autofocus system combines three technologies using efficient algorithms. Depending on the shooting situation, the interplay of phase detection (PDAF), depth map (Object Detection AF), and contrast detection (Contrast Detection AF) are optimally adjusted,” writes Leica.

If everything we detailed so far sounds like music to your ears, then prepare to burn close to $7,000 for the SL3. Not only does this model pack all the bells and whistles discerning photographers look for, but its cosmetic profile exudes bold sophistication. Everything is presented in black with elements in metallic tones, white typography, and the familiar emblem in crimson.

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Images courtesy of Leica