Generally, classic and modern cameras are fragile devices that require the utmost care. Photographers go to great lengths to keep their equipment free of dust and moisture. It’s also important to transport these in specialized bags to ensure complete protection from external forces. Thankfully, ruggedized options like the SL2-S Reporter are a bit more durable.

Leica is taking the already robust SL-System and enhancing some specific attributes. As the name says, the target market involves people who need exceptional imaging performance alongside reliable impact resistance.

This new SKU from the German manufacturer is ready to dive right into the action together with the user. From a technical specification and function standpoint, the SL2-S Reporter matches that of the standard model. However, where it excels is how well it can withstand damage in demanding scenarios.

Your mirrorless full-frame unit features a full metal housing crafted out of aluminum and magnesium. It flaunts an exclusive matte green colorway with Aramid fiber components for outstanding toughness. Furthermore, Leica says the SL2-S Reporter is splash resistant with its IP54 rating.

Dimensions put it 146 mm x 107 mm x 42 mm with a weight of about 32 ounces including the battery. At the heart of its photography and videography capabilities is Leica’s Maestro III processor. The SL2-S Reporter is also packing a 24-megapixel CMOS-BSI sensor.

This makes for impressive low-light shooting performance with an ISO of up to 100,000. It’s also compatible with a wide range of accessories and lenses. Just don’t forget that this is no GoPro. Instead, professionals who are usually in the midst of intense situations can benefit from the SL2-S Reporter’s hardy characteristics.

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Images courtesy of Leica