Ideal for photography enthusiasts who like to do things manually, the new Leica M 262 camera is not the most technologically advanced and innovative model out there, but it is a beautiful piece nonetheless. Simple, effective and precise, the camera does not feature Live View focusing capabilities, which means that you will have the unique joy of finding just the right amount of focus yourself with every shot.

Leica M 262 Luxury Camera

This might be seen as a disadvantage by some, but it could also be perceived as a creative challenge, which awakens your artistic side every time you take a picture. The M 262 is also created exclusively for photography, having no video recording features.

It is, however, equipped with a 3-inch screen, a 24 megapixel CMOS sensor, and an ISO range of 100-6,400. The three-frames-per-second continuous shooting mode (with extra quiet shutter) will definitely help you catch some amazing moments and maybe even encourage you to start working on your stop motion video skills. The camera is priced at $5,200.

Leica M 262 Luxury Camera, Zoom Ring Leica M 262 Camera Monitor